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It's consist of several kinds of support metals for combining pipes, placon rollers.
Need to chooes the sultable support metals after considering the shape or purpose for placon, slide pipe and each pipe types(28ø,square)

Materals SPCC-1(2.6t)(SPGI)
Weight 240g/EA,AVE)
Color ZINC(Cr3+), NICKEL
However, depending on the color varieties are limited.

Palcon Support Metal D : connection & prevention the tremble on weaken connected position
Palcon Support Metal D1 : prevetion for twist on long length
Palcon Support Metal NA : for getting smooth sliding on placon roller after installation the each edge position
Palcon Support Metal 80 : Loaded of Heavy Weigh products and working on the plaocn
Palcon Support Metal SA,SB : Can be used for square steel pipe(40*40)
Palcon Support Metal WA,Wb : Can be used for square steel pipe(30*30)
Saddle Metal A : Connecting Angle base with Pipe construction
Board Fixing Metal B : Fixing fluorescent light,  status board or often desorption
Board Fixing Corner Metal B : Using overlap of board fixing corner metal
Corner Metal : Protect of Loading products and easy movement
Pipe Connection Metal : Check the kinds of Pipes (Goblin Pipe & STS Pipe)
Tool Hanger Metal : Metal & Plastic, Two kinds
(Plastic Tool Hanger Metal will be using with Tool Attaching Metal R/L)
- Adjuster & Other products : Click the picture to check details spec.

Adjuster (Rubber Coated)

Adjuster (Small)

Adjuster (Large)

Adjuster (Semi Circle)

Bushing Nut (Metal)

Bushing (Plastic)

Plastic Adjuster


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